We work on the philosophy of quality, accuracy, and timeliness. We adopt the following scheme to turn this philosophy into action. The process consists of mainly five stages:

  • BIB Number Data Entry, Marathon Photo Tagging, Race Photo Tagging
  • Designing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Auditing (Final Output)
  • Delivery


  • We analyze the work requirement with sample if any, and specifications sent (in hard copy /soft copy) to us. The sample work done by us is sent to you for scrutiny. Once it is approved, the real work goes through the hands of our experienced and expert team of designers, typesetters, and proofreaders. Most modern, attractive, and error-free Document set up procedures, Text creation procedures, Typographic procedures, and Graphics procedures are then followed.
  • The work is reviewed by our Quality Control department at every stage in frequent intervals. A final look on the finished work is done before it is delivered to you to ensure that all the suggestions are being complied to.
  • Quality checked work undergoes an audit process, through which we ensure that a perfect service is rendered to you.
  • The completed work is sent to you by quick and safe means.
  • Utmost care is taken to complete the work within deadline without compromising on the instructions and specifications.


  • Guaranteed Quality – Quality control review at all stages guarantees that highest standards are maintained
  • Competitive Pricing – Schedules are maintained; and costs are controlled. High quality of the first pages lead to minimal corrections at final stage.
  • Least TAT (Turn Around Time) – depending on the volume of work and its requirements
  • High quality stationary from India to reduce shipping costs
  • Maximum process capacity on day to day basis
  • Software and hardware compatibility – Softwares such as InDesign, Page Maker, Illustrator, Quark Express, Corel Draw, and Adobe Photoshop to bring out the best product
  • Any kind of DTP assignment in English language from any country in the world
  • Input flexibility – Raw material can be sent via e-mail, on CD-ROM, floppy, or Iomega Zip disk; Typescript or handwritten copy also workable.
  • Output versatility – the finished product in high-quality laser prints, on disk, pdf, or directly onto film or bromide ready for use by the printer.