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BIB Number Data entry : Race Image Entry, Marathon Image Entry


Outsourcing BIB Number data entry needs enables organizations to concentrate better on their core business activities, allowing them save overheads.

• BIB Number Entry, BIB Number Data Entry, BIB Number Tagging
BIB Number Entry offers precise and quality BIB Number Data Entry services for MARATHON BIB NUMBER KEYING, Marathon BIB Entry, Race Photo Tagging, Marathon Photo Tagging, Marathon Data Entry, BIB Number Data Entry, Race Tagging.

• Student Card Hand Written/Card Entry & Grade Images Entry
We have a creative team who can provide quality services like business replies and can work as an intermediary between buyer and seller through envelopes, couriers, and emails.

In Student Card Entry, we receive raw information from the client in the form of image file. The image file data will be converted into excel format and dispatched in appropriate mode of delivery.
• Student Document Entry

BIB Number Entry assists Colleges and Universities to overcome the challenges associated with information access, control and dissemination. From capture and coding to duplication and distribution, the client can leverage the latest technology to create efficient document management solutions.


BIB Number Data Entry


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Our Infrastructure

The facilities that we possess match with the best in the industry in India. We have state-of-the-art infrastructure.

The highlights include:
• Over 300 workstations and high-speed data communication lines
• Built-up area sprawling over 20,000 sq. ft. in 2 office premises
• Round-the-clock power supply with backup UPS and generators
• Dedicated leased line for high-speed Internet access
• Windows 2000 Advanced Server, Linux Servers, and Back-up Server
• Capable of expanding to multiple database-server and multiple data/document servers over LAN/WAN

Whether the data entry work is done online or offline, our experienced staff is capable of applying greater efficiencies in your data-entry projects. Our mission is to offer a time bound and one-stop solution to the information processing needs of the clients.

The company specializes in state-of-the-art systems and technology to provide a professional outsourcing data entry service in forms processing and information management. One of the specialties that BIB Number Entry offers is high speed scanners and data processors to handle high volume computer-scanned and paper-based data entry. BIB Number Entry provides turnkey solutions that allow timely reporting, accountability, security, and scheduling of projects.

We Assure

• High-quality and result-oriented services on time
• Cost-effective solution of outsourced work
• Consistency in the quality and productivity of data entry-related work

If you are in need of outsourcing your data entry work, contact us so that we can help you plan and implement your requirements.


Thank you for your interest in our BIB Number Data Entry services and solutions. We would be delighted to provide you with more information. Please feel free to contact us at We look forward to assisting you!